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Amanda's Witching Hour Recap & Photos

(Crossposted to muddy_quidditch, thespicerack, tonytoledohouse & twh_diaries)

In typical me style I am horrifically late getting these uploaded and organized but here they are, at last, a little over 400 pictures from TWH with some scattered commentary and doodles intermixed. Let me pause here to wave all all the lovely people, too numerous to name, I encountered over the course of the weekend; you may remember me as the girl with the phoenix tattoo and the little Harry doll, mostly by herself, looking slightly lost and overwhelmed and wielding a camera.

I also have all of these pictures saved in their original, high res (2272x1704) format, so if there are any you'd like to have a copy of bigger, comment or email me with the file name and I'll get that over to you. Also, if you'd prefer, feel free to browse all of these pictures without the commentary at my Photobucket account, iamortentia. You're welcome to use them for any iconage etc as long as you credit me, colors, for the photography.

Part I
Fanartist Panel; Salem; The Common Room at the Sheraton (49 photos)

Part II
Harry & The Potters; The Weird Cousins (66 photos)

Part III
Slash Panel; Quidditch (87 photos)

Part IV
The Quidditch Picnic; Panels; Salem (46 photos)

Part V
The Halloween Ball (47 photos)

Part VI
Dramatic Reenactments (91 photos)

Part VII
The Leaving Banquet (28 photos)
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Thanks so much for posting these!

I loved you quidditch photos! There are actually a couple of me playing (Ravenclaw house team, the one in the skirt)!

Hi! I hope you get this via email!

I am doing an article for Movie Magic Magazie about fancons and was wondering if we could use some of your high-res images. If so, could you send them to me so my editor can choose one to three to use to illustrate the article? You can email me at heidi8 @ (without the spaces).