ladyaelfwynn (ladyaelfwynn) wrote in muddy_quidditch,

Ravenclaw house team photos

Hey all!

Here are some photos of the Ravenclaw house pick-up team. If anyone knows names, that would be really helpful as I only know the name of one of my teammates.

The official Ravenclaw house team, all two of us :-)

Image hosted by

So that we got a chance to play, we were able to gather enough Ravenclaws from pro players to field a team (but we couldn't go on to the house championship even though we won the game.)

Me and the Seeker

Image hosted by

Most of the house team (our Keeper went missing...)

Image hosted by

**michelle the librarian** chaser, Ravenclaw (and spinner, I was the one making yarn at most of the talks)
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