Muddy Quidditch Players

Take a damn shower, you goobers!

Quidditch Players' journal
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Inspired by The Witching Hour and the dirty, wet, muddy goodness that took place on Saturday, October 8th 2005 in Salem, MA.

This journal is for quidditch players and fans alike, and shall serve as a community dedicated to picspam of Quidditch-related gatherings, players' musings, and hopefully a forum dedicated to interacting with Quidditch fans and players alike.

I would LOVE to see some local teams come together, and hopefully this will be an environment for such action.

Ask any questions which may come to mind, as long as we don't get any, "so how exactly *do* you play Quidditch at a convention?"

You'll have to see for yourself ;)

Any community suggestions, such as layout ideas, graphics suggestions etc are most welcome, so if you have any either drop them here or to slappytanker.